An innovative marketing method for small business.

It’s free to advertise your business in our listings for all local businesses even though we do this manually for you at no charge. Send us a message including your business contact name, address and telephone number also your current website address if you have one and we will add your business to the listing.

Small monthly amount or a one off small fee we can design, build and host a website for you.




Helping you to attract new customers

As local search engine optimization experts we create listings and webpages for local business with the sole purpose of getting exposure from the top search engines. We select independent local businesses and list them for local areas and towns. This is not a rating of business services or products but more an opportunity created to allow them to compete with larger multinational companies by appearing above them in search engines.  We initially created some local business websites with the sole aim of getting them highly ranked for local search results. As one of the coders is an ex-google consultant with some specialist knowledge of the ranking system over the last 16 years it was something we could do with relative ease. We tested it over the last 3 years and now we can offer selected local business the opportunity to get free exposure within our listing and directory pages and for very low cost (from £8 per month) they can have prime position in our listings and directory for their local areas. 

Focused On Local Business

Your business landing page where interest in created in your products or services  with the goal being to want to learn more about your business. We create small impactful sales funnel-style websites specifically for your business to rank in local searches and create sales. We charge a one-off creating and setup expense of only £175 with no additional ongoing costs for you to fork out. This includes all of your hosting forever. We will. get your business more exposure from local search with people searching for your products or services locally  This will give your business more exposure to your potential customers searching locally for your services or products. 

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