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Helping Small Businesses Locally Drive Customers and Sales

Since 2011 it has been particularly difficult for small local businesses to get a good footing in the search engine results. Of course, we mainly work with Google results because it is used more than any other search engine.  There is a way to appear near the top when people are searching for local businesses and services.  No matter what your business we can help with your local search engine results. I am a Google Pro (that’s what they call us) and have been since 2016 which means I have a good understanding of the local search rankings. However, before that, I was a management consultant and business advisor. One of the reasons I got involved with Google was because of ‘Google My Business’ and I have helped hundreds of businesses improve their listings across all the local Google platforms. This means I can help you if you are a painter and decorator in Ipswich for example or a Hair Dresser in Grantham. 

I can build your site in a way that is very Google search engine friendly so that when someone is in Ipswich and they search for a Painter and Decorator you need to be the one that shows up tops. Your competition is often also attempting this so that he can get the lion’s share of the business in the area. 

Improving your chances

We work hard to help you boost and enhance your website and your search results.  Our current clients are proof and you can check out the other sites in our portfolio section.  We update each client with everything we do for and to their site to make it more appealing, and effective for our clients. 


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